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Martyn Joseph
01. Folding
02. Pacific Northwest
03. Albert's Place
04. Grateful
05. I'd Take You Out
06. Waiting for the Rain
07. Take Me To Love
08. Don't Need No Cathedral
09. It's A Fine Thing
10. You're Still Here
11. Without You

'This Is What I Want To Say'..is the product of a 40 year musical journey. Highs and lows, anger and joy, belief and doubt reflected in raw and honest observations of Martyn Joseph's sojourn and the state of play today. A stripped back acoustic render reflects his weapon of choice that has provided hope and solace and a commentary of companionship to a worldwide army of ardent fans for decades through his passionate commitment to social justice, mystery, and love.

'From a vast goodbye to a small hello' he writes in 'Folding', the opening song of surrender and resilience, and where else would you find an album calling for the elimination of a tyrant alongside a call for greater love and empathy. Embracing the contradictions and beauty with a fearless pen, Joseph continues to cut an impressive path. If you're looking for truth, these songs will anchor you to a horizon of hope.

January 2024

Martyn Joseph - This Is What I Want To Say

Martyn Joseph

CD (Cat No: 3224459)

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Martyn Joseph - This Is What I Want To Say

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