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Martyn Joseph
01. Crossing the Line
02. Beyond Us
03. Let Yourself
04. Not A Good Time for God
05. Falling From Grace
06. Still a Lot of Love Around Here
07. Feels Like This
08. Clara
09. Whoever It Was
10. Archive

Martyn Joseph's new studio album Songs for the Coming Home released on 22nd October 2012.

For me a new album from Martyn Josph is a time for celebration. This album, like one of Martyn's songwriting heroes Bruce Springsteen, comprises songs of hope and redemption - that make you smile and cry. A full production gives the album a polished and epic feel. This album is a must to add to your collection and is straight into Fish Records top 10 albums of 2012. He is currently on UK and make every effort to catch him live always a heart lifting occaison and this album comes pretty damn close to that experience.

'Songs For The Coming Home' has at its heart the notion that we are always striving to return. Returning to a place of solace, understanding, compassion, a place of justice, mercy and peace. That despite the carnage around us we can still save the day. This theme came together for Martyn during the last song he brought to the table, 'Clara'. It tells the true story of how a famed writer was rescued from a suicide attempt by a melody that was unknown to him, that which we call 'art', sung to him as a small child by a carer called Clara. Some seventy seven years later after she cared for him as a baby they are reunited and she sings the same song to him. It's only then that he realises where the song came from and how literally the music saved him. The other themes across the album are varied and diverse, and are carefully crafted within a beautiful and cinematic musical backdrop, but all lead back to the central premise. Music to bring us home.

18 October 2012

Martyn Joseph - Songs for the Coming Home

Martyn Joseph

CD (Cat No: 50524)

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Martyn Joseph - Songs for the Comnig Home

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