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Martyn Joseph
01. Let Yourself
02. The Luxury of Despair
03. Deportees
04. The Good In Me Is Dead
05. Half of a Man
06. Twleve Years Old
07. Broken Peace (Tonypandy 2010)
08. Til The End
09. Call It Democracy
10. Five sisters
11. Kiss The World Beautiful

This special album is a collection of Martyn's more political and social work, reworked and with the addition of a new song 'Luxury of Despair', inspired by his trip to refugee camps in Palestine in 2013. There are also two covers. Woody Guthrie's 'Deportees' and Bruce Cockburn's 'Call It Democracy'. Always trying to raise the issues and question injustice, Martyn describes the songs on the album as 'some of the snap shots of hope and despair that my guitar took pictures of as we journeyed'. Recently Martyn has formed Let Yourself Trust which is a non-profit organisation that aims to provide funding for, and inform on, a wide variety of projects and justice movements both in the UK and abroad. The BBC's Bob Harris is Patron of the Trust. All proceeds from the album will go to LYT. 'It seemed a good idea to gather some of these songs together and re record them to help raise awareness and funds for the Trust' says Martyn. 'I'm very enthused and excited about the Trust and the good its going to bring about, but I'm also pleased with this record. For me its always been about telling the story with passion and honesty and it's good to be able to give some of this material a fresh start. These songs still have work to do'.

July 2014


Martyn Joseph - Kiss The World Beautiful

Martyn Joseph

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Martyn Joseph - Kiss The World Beautiful

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