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Martyn Joseph
01. Kiss The World Beautiful
02. Sing To My Soul
03. Proud Valley Boy
04. Arizona Dreams
05. Dic Penderyn
06. Strange Way
07. Can't Breathe
08. Weight of The World
09. Working Mother
10. Have an Angel Walk with Her
11. Please Sir
12. The Good In Me Is Dead
13. This Being Woman
14. Turn Me Tender

Martyn Joseph – Evolved


While the original recording of a song is often considered to be the definitive version, it’s obvious that songs evolve over time as it’s rare that an artist will play a song live exactly the same way they did when it was first presented, and it’s often true that the ‘evolved’ readings are stronger and more considered as when you then revisit the original version you know that there’s a little something missing.

Martyn Joseph takes this idea to its obvious conclusion and has revisited 15 of his most significant songs, with just him, his guitar and occasional harmonica.  It’s an inspired idea as the results have created a compelling, intelligent and powerful collection; and where his recorded work shows him to be a fine writer, this acoustic disc delivers so much more in terms of his skill as a vocalist & guitarist, but it also has the presence and power that you get from a live show.

The disc is beautifully recorded, with crystal clear vocals and a fantastic crisp and natural guitar sound that captures every detail – there are no overdubs, no harmonies and no additions, this is just a fantastically recorded and mastered album and it’s an approach that really delivers on every front.

The beauty of revisiting songs from the past 20 years or so means that the 15 tracks here represent some of his finest songs, and they all highlight his skill as a storyteller and lyricist and show why he’s rightly regarded as one of the finest singer/songwriters of his generation.  Some of the songs move along from their original versions with extra riffs, fills and subtle changes; where others jump off at real tangents and offer a radically different reading to the way they started out.  However the songs have changed, every track on ‘Evolved’ is articulate and arresting and the whole album is refreshing and enjoyable 66 minute journey through fine songs and exceptional performances.

Every song stands out in different ways, from the arresting guitar of the opener ‘Kiss the World Beautiful’ to the beautiful sentiment of the final track ‘Cardiff Bay’ and all points in-between these are songs packed with thoughtful lyrics and dynamic performances.

Adding to the exceptional audio presentation is a unique package designed by Canadian designer Michael Wycraft, who has designed some well known album covers over the past 10 years – here each song comes with its own art card and they’re all housed together in beautiful sleeve; it’s a substantial and innovative design that adds to the overall quality of the whole package.

‘Evolved’ represents Martyn Joseph’s finest album to date, the songs are all excellent and they’re presented in manner that engages the listener from the very first track; there’s no doubt he’s one of the very best contemporary singer/songwriters around, and on this album he’s right at the top of his game.  Essential.


Martyn Joseph

CD (Cat No: 13415)

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