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01. When Lovers leave
02. Rest of My Days
03. Here We Go Again
04. Riptide
05. Just For The Ride
06. Mary Mary
07. No More Rain
08. Three Times Bent
09. Somewhere A Lovely Flower
10. Off This Train
11. Lilacs Dancing

"The name of her new album is Once the Sun Goes Down—and when it does, a brilliant star by name of Lynne Hanson emerges to illuminate the musical skyline. This album, the third and arguably her best one to date, is a refreshingly creative Americana album crafted by one of Canada's finest emerging artists. With this release, Lynne sets a standard few established artists can match and that others can only dream about." — Dennis Brunnenmeyer, Nevada City Limits, KVMR-FM, California

"[Once the Sun Goes Down] certainly is a remarkable piece of work ... Hanson is a superlative craftswoman ... her fabulous voice is clear as a bell." - John Conquest, Third Coast Music, Austin 4 stars out of 5

"Killer third by Canadian songbird...more in common with the assured touch of Gillian Welch or Lucinda Williams. 'Riptide' could easily be the best song Welch has yet to write". - Uncut (UK) 4/5****

Lynne Hanson - Once the Sun Goes Down

CD (Cat No: 50014)

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Lynne Hanson - Once the Sun Goes Down