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Lori Mckenna
01. You Get A Love Song
02. Buy This Town
03. The Most
04. The Luxury of Knowing

Lori McKenna – Lorraine

Lori’s journey from reluctant performer at 27, through to appearances on Oprah and a record deal with Warner Brothers is well documented, but ‘Lorraine’ her sixth album sees her back at independent label Signature Sounds, the home of some of the finest North American contemporary singer/songwriters.

Lori (shortened from Lorraine) shares her name with her mother, and this album has a focus of her relationships with her family and community; she has always been a superb writer at picking out the smallest detail in relationships and situations and conveying the full range of emotions in her songs, and on this album she really develops this skill.

‘The Luxury of Knowing’ showcases her skills as a writer in a song where the narrator’s steady dependability is contrasted with her partner’s mercurial nature and success, with the insecurities of the situation coming through in the lyrics. The closing track ‘Still Down Here’ is beautiful piano and cello piece that serves as a prayer to those passed to remember those still on earth in need of love and guidance – it’s superbly constructed song full of vibrant imagery. 


These lyrical qualities of striking imagery and real empathy for all aspects of human life are common across all 13 songs, and the whole album demonstrates why she is an artist that other artists like to cover, but here with her distinct vocals and subtle arrangements is where her songs shine the brightest.

The first great album of 2011, and a disc not to be missed.


Lori Mckenna

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