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Leititia Van Sant
01. Where I'm Bound
02. Gut It To The Studs
03. Come Sit By The Fire
04. Taking Back The reins
05. Sweetbay Magnolia
06. Blue Bird
07. The Field
08. For What Its Worth
09. Wild Heart Roam
10. Dandelion
11. Sundown Town

Letitia VanSant's lyrics are at once personally and politically relevant. Hailed as one of Baltimore's strongest songwriters (BmoreArt), her distinct voice is fortified by sparse indie folk and Americana arrangements.

In 2017 she won the Kerrville New Folk Songwriting Competition, an honor shared along with the likes of Lucinda Williams, Lyle Lovett, Nanci Griffith, Anais Mitchell, and Caroline Spence. Songs from her new album have also won critical acclaim from the Mid-Atlantic Songwriting Contest (Gold; Folk Category)Falcon Ridge (Emerging Artist), and Rocky Mountain Folks Fest Songwriting Contest (1st Alternate). She’s graced the Kennedy Center’s Millennium Stage, and placed among the Top 10 listener-voted “Songs of the Year” by her local radio station 89.7 WTMD. BBC Radio calls her "very, very, very good - a fascinating new artist."

VanSant’s national debut Gut It To The Studs opens in tandem with her life as an artist. To get off of the beaten path, though, one must contend with the uncertainties of uncharted territory. “Where I’m Bound” shows the importance of persevering through a “land of broken promises and streets of fool’s gold” with a “map in the stars,” and by following faith.


October 2018

Letitia Van Sant - Gut It To The Studs

Leititia Van Sant

CD (Cat No: 234456)

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Letitia Van Sant - Gut It To The Studs