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Lady Maisery
01. Katy cruel
02. The crow on the cradle
03. Portland town
04. Poor man's lamentation
05. The quiet joys of brotherhood
06. The gardener
07. London lights
08. Sing for the morning
09. Soil and soul
10. The selkie
11. Honest work
12. Order and chaos
13. Bagpiper's/Sheila's 70

Finally captured onto an album is Lady Maisery's spellbinding live performance. This set contains 13 live versions of material from their three studio albums 'Cycle', 'Mayday' and 'Weave & Spin'. The album captures the true depth of their sound and the impact of their three voices in instruments in the moment, weaving together to create a force of nature. With their unique approach to harmony singing, intelligent and thoughtful arrangements of both traditional repertoire and original compositions, Hazel Askew, Hannah James and Rowan Rheingans harness and celebrate their united voice. Whether unearthing a feminist twist hidden in a traditional tale, delivering a poignant anti-war ballad, or showcasing their immense multi-instrumental talents in original compositions that draw on a myriad of musical influences, Underpinning every performance are Lady Maisery's distinctive harmonies: sometimes lush and rich, sometimes dark and invigorating, they intertwine with assured precision. The trio are also one of the foremost English proponents of mouth music, or "diddling" – once common in England, and still found across parts of southern and northern Europe, this form of singing without words is a perfect showcase for their sheer musicality. Each also an accomplished instrumentalist, many songs are expertly accompanied by a rich tapestry of Rowan's fiddle, banjo and bansitar, Hazel's harp and concertina and Hannah's accordion and foot percussion.

Lady Maisery - Live

Lady Maisery

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Lady Maisery - Live 

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