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01. Can I Come Over
02. Box of Clouds
03. Castle In Wales
04. Barely
05. From The Pedestal
06. All The Calls
07. For All I Know
08. Too Fast
09. This Coming Winter
10. Sweet Comes The Sound

Fish Records Album of the Year 2015

The new album from Krista Detor 'Barely'.

A collection of songs that are spare, pared down; the new album utilises only one or two instruments to give ground to the work. The title reflects the content: close to the bone, not much ornamentation, bare.

Produced by Krista's partner, David Weber, At Airtime Studios in Boomington, Indiana. The album itself speaks to the countryside of rural Indiana embodying a strong Americana / roots bent. She includes 2 bonus tracks - 'The Irish Sessions' inspired by her time in Ireland. With the help of a few friends the vocals are gorgeous.

This is a grown up album, with grown up sensibilities for a grown up audience - another great album - highly recommended.


October 2015

Krista Detor - Barely

CD (Cat No: 234335)


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Krista Detor - Barely