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Krista Detor

Krista Detor – The Silver Wood

Long time subscribers to Fish Records will know that Krista Detor is one of the smartest and eloquent songwriters around, from her stunning ‘Mudshow’, to her sublime contributions on the Darwin Song Project her melodies and delivery are instantly disarming.

 In The Silver Wood, Krista presents a varied album of Christmas songs that are all easily identifiable as her distinct style with lyrics that move from the sublime to the satirical, but she manages to stay off the beaten track and has created an album of unique songs.

She stays away from the familiar, and shows just what an adventurous musician she is – it might seem hard to imagine an album of Christmas songs that strays away from the standards, but here Krista manages it with ease, and the range of songs styles here makes this stand out from the pack of usual holiday standards.

As ever, her voice is silky smooth and full of character, and utterly convincing as she moves from ballads, to upbeat and jazzy, and right through to Western Swing – seeing this much diversity in an album is unusual, but to find this originality on a Christmas album makes this a truly unique collection.

Highlights include the beautiful ‘Christmas in London’, the satirical ‘One Too Many Christmases’ and ‘Sheriff Santa from Montana’ a song guaranteed to bring a smile to the young (and young at heart!).

We’ve carried a dozen or so Christmas albums over the last 12 years, but this is the pick of the crop – not to be missed!

Krista Detor - THE SILVER WOOD

Krista Detor

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Krista Detor - THE SILVER WOOD

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