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Katy J Pearson
01. Sound of the morning
02. Talk over town
03. Riverbed
04. Howl
05. Confession
06. The hour
07. Float
08. Alligator
09. Game of cards
10. Storm to pass
11. Willow's song

It feels fitting then that, having provided an aural balm at just the right moment with her debut album; 'Return', its follow-up should reflect a world brimming with curiosity, back in action and wanting to expand its horizons. If Pearson's extracurricular activities in recent months have shown that she can dip a toe into a multitude of genres - providing guest vocals on Orlando Weeks' recent album 'Hop Up'; popping up with Yard Act for a collaboration at End of the Road festival; singing on trad-folk collective Broadside Hacks' 2021 project 'Songs Without Authors' - then forthcoming second album 'Sound of the Morning' takes that spirit and runs with it. It's still Katy J Pearson (read: effortlessly charming, full of heart and helmed by that inimitable vocal), but it's Katy J Pearson pushing herself musically and lyrically into new waters.

Katy J Pearson - Sound Of The Morning

Katy J Pearson

CD (Cat No: 657845)

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Katy J Pearson - Sound Of The Morning