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Kaia Kater
01. New Colossus
02. Heavenly Track
03. Canyonland
04. (Power! Power! Power!)
05. La Misere
06. Meridian Ground
07. Starry Day
08. (Death of a Dream)
09. Grenades
10. Hydrants
11. Everly
12. The Right One
13. (Off The Plane)
14. Poets Be Buried

Young folk music veteran Kaia Kater rises to bold new heights of imagination and creative expression on her 3rd album Grenades. With abundant poise and poetry, Kater composes an odyssey about personal identity, memory, and discovery in the wake of her father's journey as a young political refugee. She draws upon her diverse musical influences in Quebec, the Caribbean, and Appalachia, and her bicultural experience as a 2nd generation Grenadian-Canadian, to envision a new path for herself and her songs.

Rising star of Americana you are encouraged to check this artist out.

January 2019


Kaia Kater - Grenades

Kaia Kater

CD (Cat No: 435643)

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Kaia Kater - Grenades