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Jez Lowe
01. CD1 - The Old Durham Road
02. CD2 - Galloways
03. CD3 - Bad Penny
04. CD4 - Briefly on the Street
05. CD5 - Bede Weeps

Over the past 40 years Jez Lowe has emerged as one of our leading songwriters.

This set of 5 CDs covering the albums Jez made during his 13 years with the Fellside label. It covers his debut album,, the eponymous 'Jez Lowe' released in 1980 (just four years after Fellside was founded), through to the classic 'Bede Weeps ' by his band, the Bad Pennies, in 1993. Many of the songs from this period have been covered by artists such as Fairport Convention, The Unthanks, The Duhks, Cherish The Ladies, The Dubliners, The Black Family and many more. Remarkably this body of work contains some of his most recognisable and memorable songs many of which remain in his repertoire today.

His songs may have broadened in scope over the years, but the basic elements laid down in these early albums remain the same. Deeply rooted in his native North-East of England he has a knack of turning seemingly localised songs into ones of universal truth. There's anger, humour, hope and, above all, basic humanity throughout this collection.

Bonus tracks from other projects for Fellside are also included.

Jez Lowe - The Fellside Collection (5 CD)

Jez Lowe

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Jez Lowe - The Fellside Collection (5 CD)

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