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01. Homage To The Fromage
02. What Do I Know
03. This Time / End of The World Waltz
04. (Please) Rescue Me
05. This Is The One
06. Life I Chose
07. How Many Whiskeys?
08. Set Me Free
09. Burnt Chilli Creek
10. Too Close For Comfort
11. Big River (Live Recording)

Released on 5 November 2018 - available to pre order now.

As those who have been fortunate enoughto catch them in full flight will testify,Jaywalkers show is an exhilarating experience.

UK-based they may be but many fromthe other side of the Atlantic havecomplimented them on their particularly stylish delivery of this virtuosic brand ofAmericana. The Stray Birds, for instance, were big fans. It’s inevitable when musicianship from thetop drawer delivers tasty runs and surprisesthat the oohs and aahs will follow....and what about that fuller-than expected sound from an acoustic trio?

This new release, ‘Time to Save the World’, their 4th studio album, was recordedduring the peak of the 2018 summerheatwave with the highly respected JoshClark at the helm as producer.Featuring 10 originals (the band’s Mike Giverin is the song-writer) and a Johnny Cash cover for good measure, this latest material really plays on the strengths of each member.

Whereas previous albums have beenheavily influenced by stories from Mike’s home county of Lancashire, this time theyhave sprung from personal experiences and adventures.From tales of (almost) getting stuck up a mountain in Colorado (Rescue Me), to theups and downs of life on the road (How Many Whiskeys?) and the feeling that asongwriter is always delicately balanced on the tightrope between creativity anddespair (This Is The One), this provides a real snapshot of where Jaywalkers are at on their musical journey.As well as the personal stories on thealbum, the not-so-subtle title of the CD, “Time To Save The World,” is derived from track 3, “This Time” which is a discussionof just a few of the ways we are damagingthe natural environment around us(climate change, modern warfare, wildlife poaching), but focuses more positivelyon the prospect that there might still anopportunity to turn things around if we make the right choices, this time.

October 2018

Jaywalkers - Time To Save The World


CD (Cat No: 324451)

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Jaywalkers - Time To Save The World