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Jake Bugg
01. Lightning Bolt
02. Two Fingers
03. Taste It
04. Seen It All
05. Simple As This
06. Country Song
07. Broken
08. Trouble Town
09. Ballad of Mr Jones
10. Slide
11. Someone Told Me
12. Note To Self
13. Someplace
14. Fire

On first sight might not appear the obvious selection for Fish Records but if we're featuring the best in singer songwriters here it is. This is fresh and immediate songs. Buy it now to say you were there first. A great talent.

Debut album from young Nottingham singer-songwriter whose breakthrough came with the songs "Trouble Town", "Country Song" (as featured in the Greene King IPA TV advert) and the single "Lightning Bolt" which featured in the BBC Olympic coverage prior to the 100 metre final featuring that other Bolt.

"Bugg is from Nottingham. A good-looking boy with a hairstyle that looks as if it requires product to maintain, he resembles the fifth member of Arctic Monkeys, weaned on a musical diet of Liam Gallagher and Pete Doherty. The fact that, respectively, he isn't and wasn't is what makes him such a beguiling anomaly. His debut single, "Lightning Bolt", which came out a few months ago, sounded like vintage rock'*'roll, and was likened to Buddy Holly, Johnny Cash and early Dylan. All too often when people attempt to evoke such a distant period, they come across as cloying pastiche; Bugg somehow managed to sound entirely authentic." The Independent


Jake Bugg - Jake Bugg

Jake Bugg

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Jake Bugg - Jake Bugg