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Jack Rutter
01. I was once a young plough boy
02. The hills of Longdendale
03. The Lancashire liar
04. Fair Janet & Young James
05. The Brundeanlaws
06. John White
07. The Shepherd's Song
08. When Jones's Ale Was New
09. When Jones's Ale Was New
10. The Sledmere Poachers
11. Fieldfares
Jack Rutter is a highly respected folk singer, guitarist and multi-instrumentalist from West Yorkshire. 'Gold of Scar & Shale' is his second solo album. Produced by Joe Rusby and recorded as live, the new album continues the stripped back approach of its critically acclaimed predecessor, Jack's debut solo outing Hills. The songs are unearthed gems from the folk canon - almost all of them rare and many previously unrecorded - gathered from old books and source singers as Rutter uncovered material for this major new release of traditional song. There is a strong sense of place on the new record too, with over half of the songs having some sort of Yorkshire connection. Featured guest musicians on the album are Sam Sweeney on fiddle, Alice Robinson on Northumbrian pipes and Sam Fisher on flugelhorn. 
"In the spirit of the old traditional singers, Jack Rutter takes a song, shapes it, lives with it and brings out something unique. This album makes my heart sing." - Kathryn Tickell OBE, BBC Radio 3.
"An outstanding performer." - The Independent.

Jack Rutter - Gold of Scar and Shale

Jack Rutter

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Jack Rutter - Gold of Scar and Shale