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Holly Williams
01. Drinkin
02. Gone Away From Me
03. Railroads
04. Happy
05. The Highway
06. Without You
07. Let You Go
08. Giving up
09. A Good Man
10. Til It Runs Dry
11. Waiting On June

This album has been available via the States since its 2013 release and strongly promoted by Bob Harris. It now gets offiicial UK release on 26 May 2014 to coincide with her UK tour dates. This is a fantastic album - despite being from country royalty you would not describe this as a country album - just singer / songwriting of the finest order. The song about her maternal grandmother and grandfather's life together 'Waiting On June' is worth the price alone and stands up with the finest songs ever written.

Quite simply I cannot recommend this album highly enough.

Part of the key to Holly Williams’ success as a singer-songwriter is that it’s never been her mission to try and live up to the legacy cast by her famous and prolific father and grandfather - Hank Jr. and Sr., respectively - nor has she spent a lot of time trying to live it down. The respect that Holly has garnered as an artist over the course of many years spent building an international fan base, and the release of two acclaimed albums, 2004’s The Ones We Never Knew (Universal South) and 2009’s Here With Me (Mercury Records), has come on her own terms, based on her own sound. Indeed, to paraphrase Freud, sometimes a last name is just a last name.

The Highway finds the 31-year-old artist putting a distinctly personal spin on universal themes like love, loss, conflict, family and desire. The Highway is heavy with references to memories of simpler times and beloved relatives; ruminations on lives destroyed by addiction; our shared need to love and be loved; and an earnest longing for the road.

Holly spent nine months recording The Highway, which she self-financed and will release independently. Just because she went independent on this one doesn’t mean she was by herself. Throughout the process, the Nashville-based songwriter was surrounded by a hyper-talented supporting cast, including co-producer Charlie Peacock (The Civil Wars), her multi-instrumentalist husband Chris Coleman, bassist Glenn Worff (Mark Knopfler), pedal steel guru Dan Dugmore (James Taylor, Stevie Nicks), and friends like Dierks Bentley, Jakob Dylan, Jackson Browne and Gwyneth Paltrow who all make guest appearances on the record.

May 2014

Holly Williams - The Highway

Holly Williams

CD (Cat No: 678567)

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Holly Williams - The Highway