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Grace Petrie
01. A young woman's tale
02. Tom Paine's bones
03. This house
04. Baby blue
05. Pride
06. Black tie
07. Departures
08. Beeswing
09. Farewell to welfare
10. Iago
11. Northbound

Smart, witty, a talented lyricist and an electrifying live performer, Grace Petrie can take the most hostile room and by the end of the night they will be singing along, 'Stand up today that we might save tomorrow!' In Grace Petrie's own words, 'Queer As Folk is a collection of songs that celebrates both sides of the artist that I am: passionate about and deeply inspired by the magnificent tradition of folk music, but seeking and striving always for it to become again the vehicle for radical politics that it once was. Mixing the personal with the political, these songs mean to offer a hand on the shoulder of those whose struggles in this world chime with my own, whether that be with identity, with love or with the faith to fight for a more equal tomorrow. This album is both a celebration of and a step beyond protest singer, offering some of the most urgent and honest song writing I have ever put into the world.' The album includes Grace's take on traditional folk track An Old Man's Tale retitled A Young Woman's Tale, a blistering cover of Richard Thompson's Beeswing and the show-stopping Back Tie, which challenges gender stereotyping in missive to her Year 11 self.  

" An album of personal and political power, passion and perception, it is hugely persuasive proof that Petrie most deservedly earns her place at the table. " FRUK

Grace Petrie - Queer as Folk

Grace Petrie

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Grace Petrie - Queer as Folk

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