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Gilmore & Roberts
01. Gauntlet
02. The philanthropist (take it from me)
03. Things you left behind
04. The smile and the fury
05. Bone cupboard
06. On the line
07. Average Joe
08. All the way to the Rome
09. Just a piece of wood
10. From night til morn

A Problem Of Our Kind is the fifth studio album from award-winning folk/roots duo Gilmore & Roberts – their first release since 2016's live album In Our History, which celebrated a decade of performing together. 'Most of songs on the album deal with different aspects of being human - some negative, like selfishness or materialism, and some more positive, like our sentimental side or philanthropy" explains Jamie Roberts (vocals, guitar). "Us humans are pretty complex" continues Katriona Gilmore (vocals, fiddle, mandolin). "Somehow it made us want to present these songs in quite a simple way." Recorded at the duo's home in South Yorkshire by co-producer Ben Savage (well-known on the UK roots scene for his own acclaimed musical output with The Willows and Hannah Sanders), A Problem Of Our Kind contains some of the most stripped-back arrangements of Gilmore & Roberts' career, alongside full-tilt band numbers featuring their festival rhythm section of Fred Claridge (drums) and Matt Downer (double bass). From the heavy yet sparse groove of gutsy opening track 'Gauntlet' to the quietly insistent country-tinged heartbeat of 'Things You Left Behind' and the contemplative ebb and flow of 'On The Line', Gilmore & Roberts delve deep into the human psyche with their songs, holding their findings – good and bad, dark and beautiful - up to the light. "People and their stories have always been our main inspiration for writing songs" says Katriona with a smile. "Thankfully there are enough amazing humans to keep us going for a long time yet!"

Gilmore & Roberts - A Problem of our Kind

Gilmore & Roberts

CD (Cat No: 189747)

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Gilmore & Roberts - A Problem of our Kind

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