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Freya Ridings
01. Poison
02. Lost without you
03. Castles
04. You mean the world to me
05. Love is fire
06. Holy water
07. Blackout
08. Ultravoilet
09. Still have you
10. Unconditional
11. Elephant
12. Wishbones
"The new Adele......Freya Ridings is the voice of 2019." – The Times.
"This singer brings classical precision and raw emotion to celestial pop." – GQ.
"An extraordinary talent." – Sunday Times Culture.
"The most exciting rising talent in UK music……she's a superstar in waiting." – The Sun.
Freya Ridings releases her self-titled debut album in 2019.
The album as a whole explores themes of doubt, pain, regret and vulnerability within songs of alchemical incandescence. Freya's extraordinary, vibrato-rich voice elevates them into her greatness - a vocal gift that's undoubtedly one of the most powerful voices of her generation.
Freya wrote or co-wrote all of the eleven songs that feature on the album which underpins her world class credentials as a songwriter. In an era in which hits are inevitably written by committee, 'Lost Without You' saw Freya become the first female artist to have an entirely self-written Top 10 hit since Kate Bush's 'Running Up That Hill' returned to the charts in 2012.

Freya Ridings - Freya Ridings

Freya Ridings

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Freya Ridings - Freya Ridings