Lakeman Seth
01. The Charmer
02. Lady of the Sea
03. Childe the Hunter
04. The White Hare
05. The Colliers
06. King & Country
07. The Setting of the Sun
08. Taking No Rogues
09. The Riflemen of War
10. The Band of Gold
11. The Final Lot

Seth Lakeman – Freedom Fields


The huge critical and commercial success of ‘Kitty Jay’ has really brought contemporary English folk onto a bigger stage and out to a wider audience, so the release of this follow up disc is the perfect opportunity to cement and consolidate the genre into the consciousness of general music fans.

Like ‘Kitty Jay’ this disc is edgy and full of energy with Seth’s violin being the prominent feature, and alongside the guitar work of both Seth and Sean Lakeman this provides the drive and backdrop to the 12 tracks.

The album takes its name from an area of Plymouth where a pivotal battle of the Civil War took place in 1643, and this theme continues throughout as the disc explores war, conflict and the desire for freedom.  Thematically rooted to the West Country, Seth’s songs cover the area’s naval traditions, the impact of the civil war and the regions’ strong mining link.

What makes Seth stand out from his contemporaries is his distinct approach – this is a true folk album in terms of subject matter and song styles, but the execution is truly individual, passionate and evocative.

Highlights include the infectious, violin led ‘Lady of the Sea’; the tender and beautifully performed ‘Band of Gold’; and the obvious standout ‘The White Hare’.  The arrangements are varied and interesting with excellent performances throughout, in particular there’s some excellent guitar work from Seth and Sean, and memorable backing vocals from Kathryn Roberts throughout.

Alongside one or two notable artists Seth is at the forefront of a more accessible and higher profile folk music scene – the roots, traditions, and folk sentiments are present and strong and the music is as striking as it’s ever been, but it’s deservedly reaching out to a new and wider audience.  Highly recommended.


Lakeman Seth

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