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Fisherman's Friends
01. Blow The Man Down
02. Oh You New York Girls
03. Jamaica Farewell / Green Banana Johnny
04. Whip Jamboree
05. The Leaving of Liverpool
06. The Bonny Ship The Diamond
07. Being A Pirate
08. Stormalong John
09. Cap'n Stormio
10. Strike The Bell
11. Fire Down Below
12. The Mermaid
13. The Padstow Leaving Shanty

Coming into port on 20 April, a big new haul from Britain's best shanty men with their new album 'Sole Mates'. They've had films made about them, books written about them, graced some of Britain's finest stages, and put Britain's greatest broadcaster, David Attenborough, under their spell. You're as likely to hear them at the Royal Albert Hall as you are in their own Cornish fishing village, and they're back with a new album, Sole Mates, released via The Orchard on 20 April. 'Sole Mates', rolling with the tides of time and history, is the Fisherman's Friends in the round and in the raw, pure and unadulturated, sounding just as you would hear them down on the Platt one Friday night in the balmy summer, balancing pint and pasty in hand. As popular as ever, veterans of Glastonbury's Pyramid Stage as well as The Royal Albert Hall and many a BBC Radio Two Folk Award night, as well as more than a few sessions at Port Isaac's Golden Lion pub, the secret to the shanty men's longevity is not hard to find; it's all about the audience. "Our live performances are fun, an engagement with people, and that's half of it," says Cleavie. "People see this group of friends clearly having a good time together, and that has a slightly nostalgic appeal, because people's lives can be quite fractured these days, in terms of keeping in touch with the people they grew up with. We represent a continuity."     


April 2018

Fisherman's Frends - Sole Mates

Fisherman's Friends

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Fisherman's Frends - Sole Mates