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Elaine Lennon
01. Next Friday Night
02. Trouble
03. Only Love Can Break Your Heart
04. This
05. Alone Here With Me
06. She's Got You
07. Little Bird Little Sailor
08. In Songs We Live On
09. You And Me
10. Fear (Breakup Song)
11. By Your Side

Elaine Lennon - Debut Album ‘ELAINE LENNON’ released in January 2020 available to pre order now.


NASHVILLE SONGWRITERS’ ASSOCIATION INTERNATIONAL 2019 ‘One To Watch’ Elaine Lennon won CREATIVE SCOTLAND support for this, her highly-anticipated debut album. Strong and impactful it sets the stage for a musical career that many believe will stand the test of time.


With well-respected contemporary Findlay Napier producing and Paul Savage engineering at his Chem19 Studios all of the magic was captured with a cream-of-the-crop array of supporting musicians, including Patsy Reid on strings, Iain Sloan on pedal steel, Euan Burton on bass and Napier himself on guitars.


I write the songs I want to listen to - I love when great melodies intertwine with stories that hook me in, leaving me wanting to listen over...songs that speak to me, make me laugh and cry, remind me of something dear, carry a powerful message...inspire me…songs that make me FEEL something - that are real and fearlessly from the heart,” she says.


From the brooding darkness of ‘This’ to the uplifting ‘Little Bird Little Sailor’; from the heart-wrenching despair of ‘Alone Here With Me’ to the reassuring unconditional love of ‘By Your Side,’ this is a collection that provides a true and touching insight into the song-writer’s heart and mind.

Add to the tapestry the captivating love story ‘Next Friday Night’, the powerfully moving ballad ‘Only Love Can Break Your Heart’ with its beautiful language; the swagger of ‘Trouble’, the fresh originality of ‘Fear (Break-up Song)’ and the nostalgia of ‘In Songs We Live On’ (an artistic link of old and new where Elaine’s melody, lyrics and vocals have been masterfully blended with 1960s authentic jazz piano recordings of her uncle who had passed away before she was born) and this strong debut is bound to seal a strong future.


Since her first live appearance in December 2018 and collecting a prestigious Danny Kyle Award to her CV, Elaine has matured into a performer who is being tipped by many of her peers as someone who has rightly earned “not to be missed” status.


Winning comparisons to Carole King, Stevie Nicks, Linda Ronstadt, Belinda Carlisle, Carly Simon, Adele and Lori McKenna, this Glaswegian mum has demonstrated a real talent to write in a way that flows through genres and effortlessly across timelines, her music connecting with people in ways few other things in this world can.


“Really lovely stuff” - Ben Glover


Beautifully crafted songs evoking the sensation you have been listening to her music all of your life!” - Findlay Napier


Rich in colour and full of flavour, and with one of those rare voices that just sounds effortless and organic” - Danny Schmidt

Elaine Lennon - Elaine Lennon

Elaine Lennon

CD (Cat No: 3245644)

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Elaine Lennon - Elaine Lennon