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Don't Call Me Ishmael
01. Saint Ishmael
02. Major major major major
03. A far greater chaos
04. Small house
05. Schism
06. Until you can't run anymore
07. Lights
08. Blood is thicker
09. Thigh gap
10. Ninth life
11. Tonight (may be the night we die)
12. Storm Emma
13. Not Noel coward
Don’t Call Me Ishmael are a band from Staffordshire who have morphed, over the course of three albums, into purveyors of rambunctious pop and heart-on-the sleeve romanticism.
With a wide-eyed commitment to making their point, intertwined with a fine ear for melody, they tread the line between Frank Turner’s hard hitting agit-pop and The Decemberists’ storytelling folk sensibilities.  
A six-piece outfit containing two sets of siblings, Don’t Call Me Ishmael have an intuitive feel that such familial ties bring. As you would expect with a band that contains five vocalists, they produce razor-sharp harmonies and truth-soaked lyrics straight out of the Loudon Wainwright or Billy Bragg songbook.
Their third album; ‘Saint Ishmael’ was released in February 2019 digitally, and on vinyl, on Droma Records. Containing their 2018 single; ‘Blood is thicker’, the album veers between the gently life-affirming ballad ‘Until you can’t run anymore’ and the self-destructive garage rock ‘Schism’.

Don't Call Me Ishmael - Saint Ishmael (vinyl)

Don't Call Me Ishmael

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Don't Call Me Ishmael - Saint Ishmael