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Dolly Parton
01. Run
02. Big Dreams & Faded Jeans
03. Demons
04. Snakes In The Grass
05. Blue Bonnet Breeze
06. Woman Up & Take It Like A Man
07. Firecracker
08. Secrets
09. Lost & Found
10. Dark Night, Bright Future
11. Love or Lust
12. Run
13. Big Dreams & Faded Jeans
14. Demons
15. Snakes In The Grass
16. Blue Bonnet Breeze
17. Woman Up & Take It Like A Man
18. Firecracker
19. Secrets
20. Lost & Found
21. Dark Night, Bright Future
22. Love or Lust

Dolly Parton's new Country/Bluegrass album, Run Rose Run, will be released along with a novel co-written with the famed author, James Patterson, sharing the title Run Rose Run. The 12 songs were inspired by the book storyline and feature Country and Bluegrass artists Joe Nichols, Rhonda Vincent, The Issacs, and Dailey & Vincent. Dolly & James will be doing book and album promotions together.


March 2022

Run Rose Run

Dolly Parton

CD (Cat No: 32456678)

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Run Rose Run