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Dale Watson
01. Call me lucky
02. The dumb song
03. Johnny and June
04. Tupelo Mississippi and a '57 Fairlane
05. Haul off and do it
06. Restless
07. David Buxkemper
08. Inside view
09. You weren't supposed to feel this good
10. Mama's smile
11. Who needs this man
12. Run away

"Watson infuses every track with unashamedly blue-collar, grass roots honesty" —American Songwriter 

"He's spent the past two decades proving there are still powerful tales to be told from the honky-tonk pulpit, and he's brought that message to the faithful." —The Nashville Scene 

"I'm one of Dale's biggest fans." —Willie Nelson 

"His objective importance lies in his priceless role as devoted counter to insipid popcountry." —No Depression 

Over the last three decades, honky-tonk legend Dale Watson has carried the torch for pure country music. A fixture of the Austin, TX, music scene for years, Watson has a new home base, Memphis, TN and recorded all but one song on his new Red House Records release, 'Call Me Lucky', at historic Sam Phillips Recording studio in Memphis. The album features some of the city's finest as well as Dale's longtime band, His Lone Stars, and includes a horn section on some of the tracks. With nods to the Man in Black and Hank, Watson pays homage to the greats and proves he's the real deal.

Dale Watson - Call me Lucky

Dale Watson

CD (Cat No: 197472)

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Dale Watson - Call me Lucky