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Courtney Barnett
01. Depreston
02. Sunday roast
03. Charcoal lane
04. Avant gardener
05. Nameless, faceless
06. Untitled
07. Not only I
08. So long Marianne

On October 22nd 2019 Courtney Barnett performed a unique and special show at the invitation of MTV Australia in her hometown of Melbourne. The "Unplugged" performance features Barnett as you've never heard her before, warm, vulnerable and emotional, performing a stirring set of eight songs to an intimate audience including "Depreston", "Avant Gardner" and "Sunday Roast".

Also available on vinyl, please enquire for details. 

Courtney Barnett - MTV Unplugged

Courtney Barnett

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Courtney Barnett - MTV Unplugged