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Colin Linden
01. 4 Cars
02. Ain't No Shame
03. Until The Heat Leaves Town
04. Angel Next To Me
05. Boogie Let Be Me
06. When I Get To Gallilee
07. Blow
08. Change Don't Come Without Pain
09. Right Shoe Wrong Foot
10. Houston
11. Honey On My Tongue

bLOW is Colin Linden's fourteenth solo album, following the first, Colin Linden Live, by forty years. It is his first electric blues record. bLOW will bring you to the dance floor, or up your highway speed by ten or fifteen mph, but it's also worth listening to in a more contemplative way. Most classic blues songs were written by more than one person over more than a few decades, and that's what gives them their gravity. Colin has steeped himself in this tradition, on advice he got, at age eleven, from Howling Wolf: "if you want to play this music, listen to the people I listened to". On 78 records, you might think, but a lot of those old bluesmen were still around in the 1970's, so Colin got to know and learn from Sonny Terry, Brownie McGhee, Muddy Waters, Johnny Shines,Blind John Davis, Son House, and Robert and Sam Chatmon, who invited him to Mississippi and got him started on his first journey through the South.

October 2021

Colin Linden - bLOW

Colin Linden

CD (Cat No: 2111345)

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Colin Linden - bLOW

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