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Chatham County Line
01. I got you (at the end of the century)
02. People gonna talk
03. Walk don't run
04. My baby's gone
05. Bumblebee
06. Think I'm in love
07. You don't know how it feels
08. Girl on the billboard
09. Think of what you've done
10. Watching the wheels
11. Tear down the Grand ole Opry
12. The last time
13. Gonna lay down my old guitar

North Carolina-based ensemble Chatham County Line will return with their eighth studio album this spring titled Sharing The Covers. The album is, at its core, a tribute to those whom Chatham County Line hold dear, and a chance for the group to perform modern and traditional classics in the bluegrass-style they're known for best. On the 13-track collection, CCL takes the familiar and adds a touch of originality to create a wholly new and inventive roster of covers by Tom Petty, Alton Delmore, John Lennon, The Louvin Brothers, Beck, James Hunter, and more.

Chatham County Line - Sharing the Covers

Chatham County Line

CD (Cat No: 6107)

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Chatham County Line - Sharing the Covers

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