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Carthy Eliza
01. Friendship
02. The leaves in the woodland
03. Helter skelter
04. The man who puffs the big cigar
05. Gentlemen rankers
06. The slave's lament/ farewell to a dark-haired friend
07. Dream of Napoleon
08. Lady all skin and bone
09. The old sexton
10. The last rose of summer

Eliza Carthy, should, by now, need no introduction. A multi-award winning singer, songwriter and musician from a formidable English music dynasty. Her mother, Norma was one of The Watersons, whose tight harmony arrangements of traditional songs became one of the defining sounds of the 1960s folk revival. Her father, Martin Carthy, is a hugely significant singer and guitarist, who influenced the likes of Bob Dylan and Paul Simon.

Describing herself simply as a "modern English musician", Eliza Carthy, herself, is one of the most recognisable faces of the English folk revival. Launching head-on into the scene in the early 90s, she quickly became one of its great innovators. She has spearheaded the re-emergence of English traditional music as a vibrant, exciting genre that could stand proud next to other world musics.

Following on from last year's highly acclaimed album with her mother, Norma, 'Anchor,' comes what was to ostensibly be a fund-raising exercise for her Wayward Band, her first "solo album of traditional music in 14 years, 'Restitute.' It's, literally, a homely affair, recorded as it was at home Eliza's home in the picturesque Robin Hood's Bay, North Yorkshire.

Produced by Eliza Carthy and Ben Seal (Urban Farm Hand) features special guests Martin Carthy, Jon Boden (ex-Bellowhead), Dave DeLarre, Ben Somers & Ben Seal himself.

Eliza Carthy - Restitute

Carthy Eliza

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Eliza Carthy - Restitute 

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