Cara Dillon
01. The Hill of Thieves
02. Johnny Lovely Johnny
03. The Parting Glass
04. Spencer the Rover
05. False False
06. Jimmy Mo Mhile Stor
07. She Moved Through The Air
08. P Stands For Paddy
09. The Verdant Braes of Skreen
10. Fil Fil A Run

Cara Dillon – Hill of Thieves


Since the release of her self titled album in 2002, Cara has released a strong sequence of albums that have been edging towards the more contemporary side of contemporary folk.  The release of ‘Hill of Thieves’ sees the album on her own label, and marks a subtle change back to a more acoustic, low-key sound, and with it she’s produced the finest album of her career.

The songs are almost exclusively traditional pieces arranged by Cara & Sam Lakeman, and though the material is all from the tradition, the arrangements and Sam’s production have obviously been influenced by Planxty and Paul Brady & Andy Irvine, and at times the sound is evocative of the classic works of these artists – it’s not that the album is a pastiche of albums of the 70s, rather that it recognises these as important points along the development and ever changing structure of traditional songs.

Cara’s vocals are as strong as ever, but with the more subtle production it sounds clearer and more controlled than on her previous discs, and time has given her a slightly richer, fuller voice; her performance on the classic ‘The Parting Glass’ is a perfect example where every word is delivered with genuine feeling – it’s a stunning reading of a well worn song.

As well as Sam’s piano and guitar work on the disc, she’s brought together a strong group of musicians including Seth and Sean Lakeman, James Fagan and Ben Nicholls to add colour and depth to the overall sound.

Highlights include the powerful ‘The Parting Glass’, the self penned title track ‘The Hill of Thieves’, and the excellent ‘Spencer the Rover’ with harmonies provided by Seth.

‘Hill of Thieves’ is one of the most accessible and enjoyable traditional albums in recent memory, the songs come from the more well known side of Irish folk and the superb arrangements coupled with Cara’s superb vocal performances make this a stunning album.  Very highly recommended.


Cara Dillon

CD (Cat No: 13429)

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