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Cara Dillon
01. Clear the Path
02. Giving
03. Mysteries
04. Coming Home
05. Inishowen
06. Daughter
07. Apron Strings
08. The Well
09. White Sheets

"Coming Home" is Cara Dillon's first new studio album in over six years, in which she effortlessly blurs the lines between spoken word and song to stunning effect. Bringing to life intensely personal memories of her native County Derry and the people, places, and customs she holds closest to her heart, Cara reveals a new found freedom to express herself within the tiniest of details and life's larger mysteries, leaving a profound impression. Originally written for entirely personal reasons and without an intention to be shared publicly, Cara's collection of poetry didn't resist the pull to be set to music for very long. However, allowing the process of writing and recording to unfold unconstrained by time and pressure has resulted in the finished album exceeding expectations. Comprising ten tracks, "Coming Home" was produced and recorded under the expert guidance of long time musical partner Sam Lakeman and its sonic character was brought to life with mixing by multi-Grammy winning producer/engineer Kevin Killen, known for his work with music legends such as Kate Bush, David Bowie, U2 and Peter Gabriel. The album marks a return to the singer-songwriter style she and Sam first explored on her first solo recordings over 23 years ago, sitting within an original and contemporary soundscape. Significantly, this is also the first of Cara's releases comprised entirely of original material. Hailing from an exceptionally strong cultural background in the North of Ireland and with a profound connection to her home-place and people, Cara's "Coming Home" succeeds in distilling her reflections and feelings into compelling and highly emotive pieces.

March 2024

Cara Dillon - Coming Home

Cara Dillon

CD (Cat No: 233224590)

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Cara Dillon - Coming Home

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