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Byrd Jonathan
01. .38 Baby
02. Slip Away
03. Starlight
04. Mama's Got Wheels
05. A Big Truck Brought It
06. Pale Rider
07. Poor Johnny
08. Working Offshore
09. You Can't Outrrun the Radio
10. Close Enough to Touch

Jonathan Byrd's latest album - a Fish Records favourite - we've got it as an import from our friends at Waterbug Records. Produced by Jonathan Byrd with assistance from Corin Raymond, tracked in Manitoba, Canada, in two days by people who'd never met each other. Kicking off with a chugging bassline from a lost 60's spy movie, You Can't Outrun The Radio is a wild ride where ten songs smolder and spark between elements of intimacy and escape, freedom and self-destruction, destiny and chance. Creatures human and otherwise flee from their natural limits in the midst of infinity. Byrd tells their stories well. Byrd and his ace team run from Rockabilly (".38 Baby") to classic country (“Starlight”) to hard core Harry Smith Americana (Poor Johnny). From the midst of these familiar sounds rises “Pale Rider,” with its eerie cumulative imagery painting a death-driven landscape. “Working Offshore,” another of Byrd’s greatest songs, portrays what it takes on the human level to provide the energy celebrated in “Mama’s Got Wheels” and “A Big Truck Brought It.” Weird America persists, Byrd suggests, reaching down into Mexico (“Slip Away”), up through Canada and out into space (“Close Enough to Touch”). Powerful and provocative, You Can't Outrun The Radio references Byrd’s earlier explorations without repeating them.

October 2014

Jonathan Byrd - You Can't Outrun The Radio

Byrd Jonathan

CD (Cat No: 678994)

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Jonathan Byrd - You Can't Outrun The Radio

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