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Blue Nile
01. The Day Of Our Lives
02. I Would Never
03. Broken Loves
04. Because of Toledo
05. She Saw The World
06. High
07. Soul Boy
08. Everybody Else
09. Stay Close
10. Plus Bonus CD

To complete their reissue programme The Blue Nile again worked alongside long term producer/engineer partner Calum Malcolm.

This 2CD deluxe set, features all nine tracks remastered plus a bonus disc featuring four previously unreleased songs plus two extended remixes - over 32 minutes of new music!

Also available for the first time on vinyl (full album,9 tracks, remastered) completing the series of catalogue re-issues.


Blue Nile - High (deluxe Edition)

Blue Nile

CD (Cat No: 232455)

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Blue Nile - High (deluxe Edition)