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Kate Jacobs – Home Game

A long standing favourite artist of Fish Records, it’s been 7 years since Kate’s last album; the intervening years have been spent raising her family, and this is an obvious theme that recurs across the disc with a few songs that cover keen observations of family life as well as the wider world.

Instantly identifiable by her vocals that have a youthful, vulnerable quality, she’s skilled at using her voice to great effect, from the casual delivery of the serious lyrics in ‘On My Monitor’, to the timeless pop/rock of ‘Make Him Smile’, through to the delicate and heartfelt vocals on the title track, she’s superb at changing the mood and feel across different tracks and holding it all together with the common theme of her versatile delivery.

Her albums have always been a little outside of the ‘normal’ singer/songwriter fare too – she’s never been afraid to try things outside of ordinary with interesting arrangements, imaginative backing vocals and many different styles of songs; and she delivers on all these fronts on ‘Home Game’.  The eleven songs are obviously crafted and considered, but they have a charming organic and free feel to them in the way they’re presented; it’s obvious they’re all labours of love, and just knowing this makes everything so much more fun to listen to.

Kate has once again teamed up with long time producer and musician Dave Schramm, who in addition to the consistently excellent production, provides various guitars and keyboards amongst an album that also includes bass, violin, cello, banjo and more.

‘Home Game’ proves that Kate is one of the most mature and versatile artists out there – her lyrics cover a huge range of subjects, and the style of the songs is equally varied with a real variety of music on offer; an album full of charm, personality and depth.


Jacobs Kate

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