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Morgan Jess
01. Due Grace Coming
02. Pamela
03. Let it Come
04. Crowsong

Jess Morgan – All Swell

‘All Swell’ is the debut album from Norfolk based folk and roots singer/songwriter Jess Morgan, but the confidence and sure-footedness she shows across all 11 songs, show her to be both a writer and performer of some pedigree.

A beautifully direct and emotive voice, she sings with in sweet, innocent style that has echoes of Victoria Williams and Anais Mitchell, but some of the lyrics are full of grit and real-life; she’s certainly not afraid to engage the listener directly with the characters and situations in her songs.

Recorded in Norway with a group of local musicians, the whole album is focused around Jess and her guitar work, with the 4 musicians providing very subtle and laid-back accompaniment that give the whole album a timeless feel; it’s not hard to imagine this being the debut disc of an up-and-coming young female singer/songwriter anytime from the 70s through to today.

To finish the triumvirate, she adds memorable and catchy melodies to strong lyrics and mature arrangements – there are some songs on here, particularly ‘Let it Come’ & ‘Pamela’, that are full of hooks; but the melodies across the album are strong and effortless, and beautifully delivered by her agile vocals.

This is a very impressive debut album; it’s confident and fearlessly emotive in places, and the charm of her voice and the recording come together to make this a memorable collection.  Jess is certainly destined for greater things, and this self released album is surely just the start of the journey.  Not to be missed.


Morgan Jess

CD (Cat No: 13609)

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