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Angus McHardy
01. The Weary Gentlemen
02. A Waitress In Mind
03. Down Along The Border
04. Another Western Swing
05. The Road Is Rocky
06. Little Mysteries
07. I Waited For You
08. Timberline
09. Work Wonders
10. The Preacher
11. The Stars In the Heavens
12. Commuter Blues
I became aware of this album through my toronto based friend, Mark Shannon, Bassist with Bill wood & The Woodies and who also co-produces this album with Angus Mc Hardy.
As Angus says..
This recording is the result of many years of listening to the music that I've loved, and trying to play and sing that music. Over time you find out what you can play, and what you like to play. I'm still learning, of course, but I thought it was time to get something accomplished, so I got in touch with producer Mark Shannon. He brought in Ben Riley on drums, and Burke Carroll on steel and dobro, and we put the record together. I had some ideas about rhythms for the songs and Ben was able to flesh it out and drive the music along. Likewise, Burke would take the songs and sail away with them. Mark played his bass and piano parts and mixed up the stew with my vocal and guitar parts and the thing got done. It sounds simple and maybe it is, if you surround yourself with great people.
Recommended I encourage you to check it out.
November 2015
As a 4 or 5 year old I remember hearing that low string Fender twang on Johnny Cash records such as "Ring Of Fire", and "Don't Take Your Guns To Town". The acoustic lead part on Marty Robins "El Paso" got to me, as well as the soaring vocal harmonies. Later I would hear Neil Young take that sweeping southwestern sound and careen it around a corner heading for "Albuquerque". We didn't come off the rails with this recording but I hope we got out there.


Angus McHardy - Another Western Swing

Angus McHardy

CD (Cat No: 345666)

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Angus McHardy - Another Western Swing