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Ange Hardy
01. The Foster Mothers Tale
02. My Captain
03. The Curse of A Dead Man's Eve
04. William Friend
05. Friends of Three
06. Kubla Khan
07. George
08. Pantisocracy
09. Epitaph of an Infant
10. Might Is In The Mind
11. Mother You Will Rue Me
12. Esteesee
13. Along The Coleridge Way
14. Elegy For Coleridge

Ange Hardy's fourth studio album is a folk project inspired by the life and work of the romantic poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge. The album is called 'Esteesee' and is pronounced 'Ess-Tee-See' (forming the initials of the poet S.T.C). These 14 new folk songs were written in January 2015 and they include songs inspired by Coleridge's relationships with friends, family and acquaintances, verses of his poetry set to music, new songs inspired by his characters and stories, and even tales based on fragments of his dinner table conversations. Ange's music has always been deeply personal and often autobiographical, this project sees Ange stepping outside the familiar comfort zone of her own experiences and into the life of another. As well as featuring the talents of Ange Hardy on guitar, traditional whistle, harp, and vocals the album is complemented by a roster of world class folk musicians including Steve Knightley ('Show of Hands') providing guest vocals, the spectacular Patsy Reid (founding member of 'Breabach') on fiddle, viola and cello, Lukas Drinkwater on double bass, Archie Churchill-Moss on diatonic accordion, Jonny Dyer on the piano, Jo May providing percussion, Andrew Pearce on the drums, Kate Rouse as the damsel with the hammered dulcimer, Steve Pledger on backing vocals, and poetry readings from David Milton (the Watchet town crier) and the wonderful Tamsin Rosewell (broadcaster and artist).        


Released 24 September - available to pre order now


August 2015

Ange Hardy - Esteesee

Ange Hardy

CD (Cat No: 411232)

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Ange Hardy - Esteesee