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01. Tridents
02. Starboard
03. Barroom Bards
04. Small Victories
05. Flotsam
06. Houdini
07. Three Hermits
08. Lost Year (Off Track Betting)
09. Wisteria

Scrimshaw is the third studio album from American folk singer Nels Andrews. Scrimshaw is the name given to the practice by whalers of carving the whale and walrus bones of marine animals. The album has a maritime theme with tales of loneliness and longing. The stripped back feel, light production and thoughtful lyrics make this a delightful listen.

When Nels sent through an early promo copy to Fish Records one listen told me we must stock it and we’ve now have copies direct from the man itself.

Every song is a gem. "Barroom Bards" has a lovely light, Mexican feel to it, but in the background lurks a fuzzy electric guitar. "Small Victories" features atmospheric pedal steel together with vocals that are not a million miles away from Jackson Browne. "Flotsam" is a lovely song with mandolin and eerie electric guitar, which contains some great lines like "There is no shadow in the house of the sun " and " She's coiled like a library cat on a fence". "Houdini" with its sparse backing and fuzzy electric guitar creates an eerie atmosphere - "When Houdini slips from your sheets she won't say goodbye".

….If, as I was, you are not familiar with the music of Nels Andrews, you owe it to yourself to remedy the situation, as this is a superb album of thoughtful, intelligent songs set in inventive musical soundscapes. Highly recommended.Peter Cowley  - Fatea

Nels Andrews - Scrimshaw

Andrews Nels

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Nels Andrews - Scrimshaw

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