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Ana Egge
01. Wait A Minute
02. The Machine
03. You Hurt Me
04. Heartbroken Kind
05. We Let The Devil
06. Don't Come Around
07. Be Your Drug
08. Lie Lie Lie
09. Sorry
10. Want Your Attention
11. We Lay Roses

For her new album, 'Between Us', acclaimed songwriter Ana Egge writes about the tumult and divisive nature of our world and explores ways to confront difficult issues between people of opposing views. Many of the songs are the result of a new co-writing collaboration with Irish songwriter Mick Flannery and began as melodies that appeared to her in dreams. Wanting to bring new sounds, as well more diversity to the musical background, Egge and producer Lorenzo Wolff assembled an eclectic group of talented players including bassist Michael Isvara Montgomery and guitarist Jonny Lam (from African psych-funk band Sinkane) and New Orleans keyboardist Jon Cowherd (Joshua Redman, Daniel Lanois, Joni Mitchell). The result is something new and different, a fresh sonic direction that brings these brilliant, thought-provoking songs to life. Egge is justifiably proud of 'Between Us'. "It was an amazing experience¬Öto come through this difficult time with something so immensely beautiful," she shares. "I really love the record so much."

Vinyl version will be eleased on January 21 2022.


September 2021

Ana Egge - Between Us

Ana Egge

CD (Cat No: 2312449)

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Ana Egge - Between Us

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