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Amy Andrews
01. I Just Want To See you
02. My Best
03. The Moon Song
04. Home
05. Etowah
06. The Light
07. The Most
08. All My Days
09. Picture Of Your Face
10. Always Been You

Amy Andrews debut album 'My Best' is released in the US on 23rd January 2018 and we will soon, exclusively to Fish Records, have copies available in the UK.

Born and raised in Baltimore, Amy grew up on the sounds of Sinatra, Ella, the American Songbook, Motown, Showtunes, Stevie Nicks, Melissa Etheridge, the Judds, ...

Amy began performing at the age of 6, but not until after college did she pick up a guitar or begin writing her own music. Since then, Amy has toured and performed her original music (with an occasional beloved-to-her "cover" of folks from Sam Cooke to Sondheim) for audiences all over North America.

Known for brilliant performances, stunning vocals, and unassuming wit, charm, and candor on stage, Amy has played music halls, bars, opera houses, living rooms, sanctuaries, and theatres all across North America, with festivals from Florida's 30A Songwriters Festival to Alaska's Folk Fest.

An award-winning, tree-hugging, ever-traveling (with her dog in tow), modern day torch-singer and songwriter, Amy's voice is one you want to experience live.

She will be touring the UK in November 2018 so keep an eye out for tour dates.

January 2018

Amy Andrews - My Best

Amy Andrews

CD (Cat No: 213452)

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Amy Andrews - My Best