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Allen Jon
01. Heat of the Moment
02. Breaking Wave
03. Old Friend
04. Can't Stop Now
05. Leaving London
06. Above The Noise
07. A Little Love
08. Paranoia Blues
09. How It Feels
10. Back To The River

Jon Allen releases latest album 'A Heightened Sense of Everything'. Described as a musician's musician, Allen's sound is built on a foundation of pop, rock, Americana, Roots and Blues influences. Jon Allen has a soulful, whiskey-soaked voice and a striking gift for melody. He has never been content to be pigeonholed, as demonstrated by the eclecticism of his albums to date. Of the album Jon writes ''The last few years have felt like a pressure cooker slowly increasing to boiling point. There is sense of threat and a feeling of impending doom. Living in a large urban centre during a global pandemic brought out a sense of paranoia. We became more aware of our need for space, our need for silence and to be close to nature to get above the noise of a city. I'm absorbing all the time and everything from the famous Will Smith slap to missing people inspired the songs. How close are we all to the tipping point? What are we likely to do in heat of the moment? What will stress do to us when pushed? But light follows dark, and there are the moments of simplicity and you can count your blessings for the simple things life has to offer".

August 2023

Jon Allen - A Heightened Sense of Everything

Allen Jon

CD (Cat No: 876987)

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Jon Allen - A Heightened Sense of Everything

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