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Ward Lucy
01. Silver Morning
02. Cold Caller
03. Sunshine Child
04. Bill Norrie
05. Maria Martin
06. Fair and Tender Ladies
07. Mari Fach
08. Lazy Day
09. The Sweetest Flowers

Pretty Warnings is the captivating fourth studio album from Lucy Ward. Rich with tradition and exquisitely penned original songs, this album weaves it’s way effortlessly through matters of love, darkness, longing and joy. It confirms what we already knew – that Ward’s unique ability to inhabit the very heart of a song is bewitching, beguiling and beautiful. Ward is a story teller at heart, concerned with expressing truth and the human condition. She can paint a picture with her words and this album is an expressive collection of true stories and evocative imagery. As well as innovative arrangements of traditional songs such as the ballad Bill Norrie, Ward has delved into the tradition to come up with beautiful retellings of traditional forms. The Cruel Mother is re-spun in her song Mari Fach (meaning Sweet Mari), the true story of a young welsh woman pregnant, unmarried and afraid. The archetypal rover becomes Ward’s yearning Silver Morning, a taste of her inimitable nu-folk originality. She has also addressed the recurring theme of the night visitor with the insistent Cold Caller. Pretty Warnings has a sublime quality; an enchanting warmth that runs through it. It feels as though Ward’s song writing has evolved with a richness born from her experience and time away from the studio; songs like Sunhine Child and The Sweetest Flowers being prime examples of her exquisite skill in their quiet and involving beauty. Lucy Ward will be touring Pretty Warnings throughout 2018. For more information and tickets head to www.lucywardsings.com Produced by Stu Hanna & Stephen MacLachlan     


June 2018

Pretty Warnings - Lucy Ward

Ward Lucy

CD (Cat No: 1234)

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