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Stick In The Wheel
01. Cruel ships captain
02. Follow them true (live)
03. Jolly bold robber
04. Watercress-O
05. In the morning
06. Wishing well
07. The memory of this
08. Lemay arise
09. The over
10. As I roved out
Following on from their critically acclaimed studio album 'FOLLOW THEM TRUE' Stick in the Wheel's new mixtape release maps the landscape of today. Drawing the lines between genre, era and emotion; between Laurie Anderson, 'Einstein on the Beach'' English folk and UK dub, all through the restless and yet precise production of Ean Kraytah and the beautifully comfortless vocals of Nicola Kearey. Musical psychogeography, songs that are concrete instead of "timeless". The tense present of amps and synthesisers and the accordion-drone of the unfinished past. Featuring collaborations with artists including Lisa Knapp, Om Unit and Anna Roberts-Gevalt, these are sketches of, and experiments with, traditional and new material, plus a live version of album title track Follow Them True. This collection of new work explores a more collaborative and spontaneous approach with artists that producer and guitarist Ian Carter has used in his electronic music as EAN.
Nicola Kearey: "These are tunes we had short amounts of time to work on, in between tours, but as a mixtape, it allowed us to document stuff we were working on in the studio at the time, without the pressure of making a fully finished "Album". We are all about the tradition, and bare bones raw recording, and there's some of that here - Watercress-O and Cruel Ship's Captain. We've also met some really great people along the way and made time to work together, just to see what would happen"

Stick in the Wheel - This and the memory of this mixtape

Stick In The Wheel

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Stick in the Wheel - This and the memory of this mixtape 

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