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Lauren Housley
01. Bless His Soul
02. Guaranteed Sunshine
03. What's Troubling You Child?
04. Sing To Me
05. Breakdown
06. Two Lovers Lost In Space
07. This Ain't The Life
08. Why Are We Making It So Hard?
09. Still Awake To Dream
10. We're Not Backing Down

Lauren Housley is a young woman who packs the one-two punch of a powerhouse vocal and a story to tell. She returns with the long-awaited release of her third album, Girl From The North. Lauren's style remains grounded in the roots world, with a hint of one of her childhood influences – "good Pop songwriting". Girl From The North showcases 10 songs written by Lauren and her husband and long-time musical collaborator Thomas Dibb, spanning a variety of styles from the ethereal Americana of "Stay Awake To Dream" and "Sing To Me" which Lauren describes as an 'adult lullaby', right through to the psychedelic-folk production of "Breakdown" and "Guaranteed Sunshine", a summery anthem reminiscent of early Sheryl Crow. 

Wrapped in a fresh and eclectic sound, the central theme of the new record is one of rediscovering herself and her roots: "To move forward we sometimes have to go back. I wanted to prove to myself that it doesn't matter where you are in the world, you can make great music." Lauren confides, "Returning to my hometown of Rotherham a few years ago, after leaving at the age of 18, seemed like the most bizarre decision I'd ever made. It was never part of my 'plan' but it has in fact enabled me to reassess my life and career goals and move forward in a way that feels true to myself."

April 2021

Lauren Housley - Girl From The North

Lauren Housley

CD (Cat No: 324565)

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Lauren Housley - Girl From The North