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Laura Veirs
01. Autumn song
02. Ring song
03. Seaside haiku
04. Naked hymn
05. My lantern
06. Signal
07. Can't help but sing
08. Eucalyptus
09. New arms
10. Sword song
11. Time will show you
12. T&O
13. Komorebi
14. Winter windows

Found Light may be Laura Veirs’ 12th studio LP, but it also, in many ways, feels like her debut. If 2020’s My Echo—written and mixed just prior to her 2019 split from her longtime husband, her longtime producer, and the father of her two sons—was her divorce album, Found Light is about what comes after. Found Light is a liberating collection of inquisitive and surprisingly assured snapshots of healing and personal growth, and her very first release with co-production credits. Despite the sadness and suffering that prompted these 14 graceful wonders, the result is a testament to the inspiration of independence, to shaping new possibilities for yourself even after great loss. It is a reminder that we are always capable of something more.

Laura Veirs - Found Light

Laura Veirs

CD (Cat No: 657885)

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Laura Veirs - Found Light