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Various Artists
01. Dick Gaughan - Both Sides of The Tweed
02. Nic Jones - Canadee-i-o
03. Davy Graham - Angi
04. Shirley Collins - The Sweet Primeroses
05. Martin Simpson - Never Any Good
06. Andrew Cronshaw - Wasps In The woodpile
07. Anne Briggs - Blackwater Side
08. Martin Carthy - Scarborough Fair
09. Eliza Carthy - Worcester City
10. Ewan MacColl - Dirty Old Town
11. The Watersons - Pace Egging Song
12. Silly Sisters - Headger and Ditcher
13. John Tams - Unity (Raise Your Banners High)
14. June Tabor & Oysterband - Love Will Tear Us Apart
15. Brass Monkey - The Handweaver & the Factory Maid
16. Steve Ashley - Ships of Shame
17. Vin Garbutt - The Lands of Three Rivers
18. Mike Waterson - Tamlyn
19. Bill Caddick - Two Fisted Heroes
20. The Cheviot Ranters - The Idea Schttische
21. Cilla Fisher - Blue Bleezin' Blind Drunk
22. The Full English - Man In The Moon
23. Ramblin' Jack Elliott - Talking Dustbowl Blues
24. Tim Van Eyken - Barleycorn
25. Peter Bellamy - When I Die
26. Oak - Scan's Polkas

The perfect introduction to Topic Records the worlds oldest surviving independent record label, a 2 CD set featuring 28 specially selected tracks from the labels vast catalogue.

The story of Topic is synonymous with the growth of folk as a musical and social movement in Britain and these recordings demonstrate the bridge between modern music and a traditional art form. On this 2 CD set you will find some of the most remarkable singers, songs and tunes - either drawn directly from the tradition or inspired by it.

Tracks featured include John Tam's, Unity, Steve Ashley's ,Ships of Shame, Dick Gaughan's, Both Sides the Tweed and Ewan MacColl's, Dirty Old Town.

Many of the tracks deal with social issues of the time and there are also re-workings of great traditional story songs like - Anne Briggs' Blackwater Side, Mike Watersons' Tamlyn, Nic Jones' Canadee-i-o and the majestic performances by Martin Simpson, Shirley Collins, Davy Graham, Martin Carthy, Eliza Carthy and The Watersons.

Topic also offers up June Tabor and Oysterband cover version of Joy Divisions classic Love Will Tear Us Apart.

Pentangle, Andrew Cronshaw, Brass Monkey, Vin Garbutt, Johnny Handle, Bill Caddick, The Cheviot Ranters, Cilla Fisher and Artie Tresize, Silly Sisters, Tim Van Eyken, Peter Bellamy and Oak - the list goes on - a fulfilling and haunting introduction to the great legacy of the folk tradition and Topic Records.


October 2017

Various Artists - Topic Records - The Real Sound of Folk Music

Various Artists

CD (Cat No: 211435)

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Various Artists - Topic Records - The Real Sound of Folk Music

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