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Shindell Richard
01. Stray Cow Blues
02. Careless
03. Infrared
04. The Deer on the Parkway
05. All Wide Open
06. Your Guitar
07. Abbie
08. Atlas
09. Before you Go
10. Satellites
11. The Dome

We have advance copies of Fish Records favourite Richard Shindell's new album 'Careless' ahead of his UK tour dates and Shrewsbury Folk Festival appearence. Official release date is 9 September 2016.

An expatriate New Yorker now living in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Richard Shindell is a meticulous craftsman of song whose studio albums and 2 live recordings have been revered by critics and fans alike. Innovative, original and occasionally spiritual, Shindell's songs weave tales that interchangeably champion the downtrodden, exalt the disaffected or wax empathetic to those lost to society's fringes. From his first record, Sparrow's Point (1992) to the most recent solo album Not Far Now (2009), Shindell has demonstrated a penchant for songwriting at once passionate and profound. His songs are often slowly and painstakingly crafted until honed to perfection. Conversely, he is also capable of writing tunes that are simply clever and amusing. Shindell's songwriting is truly eclectic, ranging from lighthearted ballads and adulterous love songs, to dirges and diatribes that skillfully skewer politics, prejudice, war and religion. He has a unique ability to morph into the soul of the many and varied personalities he casts as narrators in certain songs--songs that are veritable novellas framed in haunting acoustic melodies, sometimes including cryptic, revelations through the eyes of a woman. Following a release with Lucy Kaplansky as the Pinehill Project, 2016 marks the release of a brand new album: Careless which features all the good things we know from Richard with a stellar cast of musicians including Jerry Marotta, Scott Petitito, David Spinozza, Larry Camplbell, Victor Krauss, Lucy Kaplansky.     

August 2016

Richard Shindell - Careless

Shindell Richard

CD (Cat No: 2324576)

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Richard Shindell - Careless

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