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Reg Meuross
01. Faraway People
02. Angel In A Blue Dress
03. The Lonesome Death of Michael Brown
04. For Sophie (This Beautiful Day)
05. New Brighton Girl
06. Cicero
07. Refugee
08. In Your Arms
09. Leavin' Alabama
10. In Dreams
11. Phil Ochs & Elvis Eating Lunch in Morrison's Cafe

Faraway People is the second (first being December) in a trilogy of completely solo albums, from Somerset singer-songwriter Reg Meuross.

Reg comments courageously on the world we are living in now, from the ravages of austerity to the injustices of racism and the plight of refugees These songs spring straight from the heart of one of the UK's finest singer-songwriters.


28 July 2017

Reg Meuross - Faraway People

Reg Meuross

CD (Cat No: 122331)

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Reg Meuross - Faraway People

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