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Picott Rod
01. Be My Bonnie
02. Better Than I Did
03. Take Home Pay
04. Primer Gray
05. On The Way Down
06. Blanket of Stars
07. A Better Man
08. Coal
09. Holding On
10. Fire Inside
11. Date of Grace
12. Dead Reckoning
13. Falling Down
14. Store Bought
15. The Shape of You
16. Diamonds In The Dirt
17. Hard Luck Baby
18. Medicine Man
19. Straight Job
20. Bottom of The Well
21. We All Live On
22. Little Things

Seventeen years ago Rod Picott dropped his tool belt, picked up an acoustic guitar and released his first album Tiger Tom Dixon’s Blues. The acclaimed debut put a nail in the coffin of his construction career and ignited his second career as a singer-songwriter. With his new album, Out Past The Wires, that second career reveals itself in full flame.

The sprawling twenty-two song Out Past The Wires ranges from whispery ballads to guitar driven rockers and hits every musical spot between. Like much of Picott’s catalog, many of the songs on Out Past The Wires center around the lives of working people and the losses, defeats and small victories that can come hard won in a calloused world. It is here in the ordinary where Picott finds the gold he mines so beautifully on songs such as “Take Home Pay” – one of four songs written with longtime friend and co-writer Slaid Cleaves.

One of the releases of the year - brilliant

Also available on vinyl

April 2018


Rod Picott - Out Past The Wires (2 CD)

Picott Rod

CD (Cat No: 2133455)

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Rod Picott - Out Past The Wires (2 CD)

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